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Central Malibu from Malibu Canyon. At the coast line to the left is Malibu Lagoon with the Colony to the right (west) of it.

Malibu Complete

What is Malibu? Its a magical fantasy place, famous for bikinis, starlets, surfers, mere millionaires and the serious money -- billionaires, where the famous faces of top celebrities are seen on locations featured endlessly in films and on TV. Its the place where you expect to see the rich and famous, driving expensive luxury cars, dressed in the latest latest, having it all in their mansions by the sea.

Malibu can deliver on that star-studded vision, but it is also a very real southern California community where regular people live and work. And its a destination for millions of tourists annually, who come to see for themselves what Malibu is or is not and to enjoy the shopping, dining, recreation and entertainment while they visit.

The pages of will let you experience the totality of the Malibu scene and lifestyles, so come on in and enjoy!

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