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Malibu Road, originally PCH before the main road was relocated in 1948, facing west, December 2005.Copyright
Malibu Road, originally PCH before the main road was relocated in 1948, facing west, December 2005.

Malibu Road Neighborhood

Malibu Road is a two-lane "country road" which runs east-west paralleling the Pacific Ocean for approximately 2.5 miles. Still called "The Old Road", this stretch was the original Roosevelt Highway (now PCH) before PCH was relocated inland, over the bluffs in 1948. At the entrance to Malibu Colony you can see the point where the road diverges from its original path. Malibu Road exits onto eastbound PCH there, but to enter Malibu Road westbound you have to use Webb Way.

Beach view of homes along Malibu Road, December 2005.Copyright
Beach view of homes along Malibu Road, December 2005.

The Malibu Colony Plaza shopping center is bordered by Webb Way, PCH, and Malibu Road and is technically located on Malibu Road. There are also professional offices and a fire station at and near the Malibu Road - Webb Way intersection. Since the shopping center was expanded in 1988-1989, egress and ingress to Malibu Road has been hampered due to the infrastructure's inability to handle the increased traffic.

There are over 250 living units situated on Malibu Road, the majority of which are two story single family homes located on the ocean side. These beach front lots are approximately sixty feet wide and one hundred feet deep. The land side residences are also mostly two story homes, but sit on larger lots ranging from 1.25 to four acres. At the far north end of Malibu Road there are several multi-family units which offer rentals.

In 1995, the City of Malibu took over management of Bluffs Park, which is located on the palisades above Malibu Road. The park offers active recreational opportunities with a visitor's community center (The Michael Landon Center), a Little League field, and open recreational space popular with those who like to fly remote control planes or simply enjoy the spectacular ocean views as they wander the designated trails which wind down to Malibu Road. The City's lease from the State expired in 2005 leaving the fate of the site undecided.

The geological hazards on the land-side of Malibu Road are well known and have been the subject of ongoing studies regarding the watering practices of Pepperdine University which is situated across PCH upslope from the Malibu Road area. It is believed that excess watering of the hills surrounding the University have contributed to the movement of the bluffs above Malibu Road.

Malibu Road residents are served by an active homeowners association which represents their interests and concerns.

Sources: Information on this page was adapted from the City of Malibu, General Plan, November 1995

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