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The Pyramid House sits on a cliff edge on Saddle Peak, looking over the valley community of Monte Nido below.

Saddlepeak Neighborhood

High above central Malibu is Saddle Peak, just east of Malibu Canyon, one of the highest points in the Santa Monica Mountains at 2,805 feet. At the very top is an impressive antenna farm, part of the infrastructure of multiple commercial and government services. Just below the antennas is the gated community of Saddle Peak, a small network of private roads off the backbone of West Saddle Peak Road, with a single entry near the summit of Piuma Road. East and west on Piuma are additional homes outside the gates, was well as a distinct group of homes along East Saddle Peak Road, Scheuren and other connecting roads, east of the peak itself.

Innovative homes on unique property are the norm on Saddle Peak, such as these homes in the gated community on West Saddle Peak Road.Copyright
Innovative homes on unique property are the norm on Saddle Peak, such as these homes in the gated community on West Saddle Peak Road.

Up here you are literally in the sky, often above the clouds over Malibu and the community of Monte Nido below to the north. On a clear day, from south facing property, you can see a vast stretch of the Pacific coast and Catalina or Channel Islands miles out in the water. If facing north, you can see the inland valleys of the Malibu Creek watershed or east toward Calabasas and the San Fernando Valley. On a cloudy day, you look down on the cloud tops as if in an airplane.

In this Alpine world, the air is different, cooler and crisp. It never gets really hot and in winter there is an occasional sprinkling of snow since temps here are ten degrees or more cooler than the lands below. All in all, there is a feeling of magical superiority and comforting isolation from the ordinary world of the lowlands.

The price you pay for the splendid wonders of the Saddle Peak high ground is a long trip up and down the hill. It is ten to fifteen minutes or more of driving uphill from PCH (via Las Flores Canyon) or from Malibu Canyon Road (via Piuma) or from Topanga via Fernwood Pacific Drive. Tuna Canyon Road is one way downhill due to the difficulty of that route. Although the scenary on the drive is amazing and wonderful, if you arrive home and find you forgot to pick up the milk, its a long trip back down to the nearest store. The trade off is a matter of personal choice and those who live on the mountain top are very happy to be there.

Homes on Saddle Peak are individually built, with the exception of the development community of Sea View Estates, down Las Flores past Scheuren. Many homes have unusual architectural styles, such as the famous Pyramid Home or "Windcliff" built by Architect James Moore in 1971. The spectacular natural setting and the daring people who gravitate here not surprisingly have incubated some highly innovative home designs.

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