Getting Around Malibu: Sea View Estates

Sea View Estates home on a tree-lined side street.Copyright
Sea View Estates home on a tree-lined side street.

Sea View Estates Neighborhood

Sea View Estates is a development neighborhood near the top of Saddle Peak, off upper Rambla Pacifico, originally built in the mid-1970s. The entrance is at the intersection of Rambla Pacifico with Monte Viento Drive.

Homes in Sea View Estates, along one of the main streets.Copyright
Homes in Sea View Estates, along one of the main streets.

Many homes in the surrounding area are individually and creatively designed, but the homes here conform to standard suburban tract styles of their time, including the layout of streets and spacing of lots. This is a family neighborhood with little traffic, lots of peace and quiet.

While some of the homes actually have a magnificent view of the sea and the Malibu coastline, or at least a partial ocean view, others have mountain or canyon views. The homes are spacious and generally well landscaped and equipped, often with pool, spa, large garage and other amenities.

Although Sea View Estates is high up the mountain above Malibu, with a considerable drive to reach it from Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), the homes have enjoyed excellent appreciation along with the rest of the Malibu real estate market. At the bottom of the market in 1995, homes sold in the mid-$500s. By 2005, prices around $2 million were common.

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