Getting Around Malibu: Upper Trancas Canyon Road & Trancas Highlands

Upper Trancas Canyon Road neighborhood, seen from PCHCopyright
Upper Trancas Canyon Road neighborhood, seen from PCH.

Upper Trancas Canyon Road & Trancas Highlands Neighborhood

To the north of Malibu West, Trancas Canyon Road becomes much narrower and steeper, and there is a more sparsely developed area of larger homes on larger parcels, up to 10 acres in size. These homes are architecturally distinctive and mostly newer than those in Malibu West, and have ocean and canyon views some are equestrian properties, including the Kincaid Ranch at the top of Trancas Canyon Road, one of the original Malibu homesteads. There is also a specimen tree farm at the top of the road. To the west of the road is a gated area known as Trancas Highlands, comprised of 41 lots, ranging in size from 1 to 17 acres, 20 of these lots are built with architecturally distinctive homes ranging in size from 2000-1 7,000 square feet, but generally in the 3500-4500 square feet range.

Homes in Trancas Highlands are located on steep and narrow private streets, maintained by the Trancas Highlands Homeowners Association Approximately half the roads are paved. Residents of these homes access PCH. via Trancas Canyon Road. Most homes have water tanks on the property, and rely on wells and imported water for their needs. The Homeowners Association is currently trying to form a water district to extend municipal water service from Trancas Canyon Road near Malibu West to these residences. Wastewater is treated in on site septic tanks, ai'ld utilities are both above and underground. One home in the Highlands has a helicopter landing pad on the property and is permitted a limited number of takeoffs and landings a year. Noise from these landings has in the past been an issue of concern to residents of the Trancas area.

Sources: Information on this page was adapted from the City of Malibu, General Plan, November 1995

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