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Public sculpture along Webb Way, between PCH and Civic Center, in central Malibu. Created by Bret Price, of painted steel, the 20 feet high piece is called "XO" for love and kisses. FAQ

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Why are some pages unfinished? is not complete and will always be a work in progress. As pages are outlined, they will be added so you can see what's coming. Even "complete" pages will have new material added or other improvements as time goes on.

Who is the Editor of

The Editor is Chuck Chriss, a Monte Nido resident since 1987. Chuck also takes most of the photographs, good and not so good.

Where do the facts and figures come from?

Many sources were used, depending on the section of the website. For example, sources are cited on the Malibu History page, among others.

Is interested in more Malibu memories and photos?

Yes, indeed! The memories of Malibu's residents are an immense asset that should be preserved in every possible way. If you have stories or photos, please send them in for future inclusion. Any submitted material will be shown on the site with an acknowledgement to the contributor. If the material is copyrighted, that will be noted along with a "used with permission" notice.

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