Malibu's Wealthy: John Paul DeJoria

John Paul DeJoria, CEO and co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems, Inc. Photo: Courtesy John Paul Mitchell Systems, Inc.

Malibu's Wealthy: John Paul DeJoria

John Paul DeJoria is CEO and co-founder with Paul Mitchell of John Paul Mitchell Systems, Inc. According to Yahoo Finance, the company is the number one privately owned hair care firm in the U.S., producing more than ninety different hair care products that sell in about 90,000 hair salons worldwide. DeJoria came from a background of poverty in East Los Angeles and built his fortune purely through hard work and persistence.

In addition to John Paul Mitchell Systems, Inc., DeJoria operates more than a dozen other businesses, including The House of Blues nightclubs, Patron Tequila, GFI, Solar Utility, NRG Natural Gas, Skidmore Energy, and a Harley Davidson dealership. He has interests in alternative energy, natural gas and solar cars.

John Paul and wife Eloise DeJoria are active philanthropists, supporting charitable and environmental causes. They are known to contribute to and work for the Rescue Missions for the homeless, Friends of Elk River, The Sovereign Dine’ Nation Weaving Collective, The AIDS Relief Fund for Beauty Professionals, The Earth Communications Office, The Blazer House, the Rainforest Foundation and the Word of Grace Church in Las Vegas. In 2002, DeJoria donated 417 acres of land in Tuna Canyon to the Mountains Restoration Trust, to be kept as open space and nature trails. As residents and parents, they are also involved in the development of better community resources in Malibu including their help in founding the Malibu Teen Center in 2000.

The DeJorias, who live in the Sweetwater Mesa section of Serra Retreat, have been quoted saying their motto is "Success unshared is failure."

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