Malibu Beach Real Estate

Malibu beachfront property, viewed from the water's edge. Copyright
Malibu beachfront property, viewed from the water's edge. These multi-million dollar homes are packed closely together along PCH or parallel beach roads wherever private development has been permitted. The combination of the magnificent ocean views, the beach lifestyle, and the magic name Malibu, keeps prices moving always higher.

Malibu Beachfront Neighborhoods

Malibu has many attractions, but the beach is fundamental. Therefore, the pecking order of Malibu land goes like this:

  • On the beach
  • Bluff top, over the beach with deeded rights
  • Off the beach, with deeded beach rights
  • Near the beach, ocean view
  • Near the beach, no ocean view
  • Away from the beach, ocean view
  • Away from the beach, with 310 area code
  • Far from the beach, outside 310 ("Ozarks")

There are a few overlaps, but you get the idea. In the top category, not all beaches are created equal. Top beach neighborhoods have wide sandy beaches while others are a pile of rocks. There are many fine distinctions in all the other categories too. The individual pages of the beach neighborhoods will give you an idea of the character of each area.

Malibu Neighborhood Guide

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