Everyday Shopping in Malibu

Malibu has a good selection of upscale shopping, but what if you need a sprinkler head or ten pounds of apples? Malibu is home to many celebrities and wealthy families, but residents and visitors still have to shop for everyday necessities. Since Malibu is located along the coast, with a barrier of mountains separating it from LA's suburban and downtown shopping areas, Malibu's residents and visitors face a long drive to find discount stores or to pick up anything that isn't available locally. If services are needed -- plumber, builder, doctor, lawyer -- everything is available in Malibu, but maybe not at the same price level as in other parts of the Los Angeles area.

Zuma Beach Plaza, across PCH from Zuma Beach, has an assortment of retail stores and servicesCopyright
Zuma Beach Plaza, across PCH from Zuma Beach, has an assortment of retail stores and services.

Everyday Shopping in Malibu

As a city of 13,000 people (2008 est), plus others in adjacent areas, Malibu of course has an array of retail stores and services for individuals and businesses. But there are pressures unique to Malibu. In 2010-2011, rising rents are forcing many small businesses to relocate or close their doors. Retail property remains vacant for long periods. Long-time mom & pop operators are being replaced by large scale chains. The well known brands of the chain stores are often willing to run a loss in Malibu just to be able to have a Malibu store on their list of locations for its international prestige "Malibu - Beverly Hills - Paris - Milan" has a nice ring to it, but it's the death knell of many a local small business as rents, taxes and other costs go up and up.

Most Malibu shopping is on or near Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and concentrated in a few areas zoned for such activity. The main shopping zone is in the Cross Creek and Malibu Colony areas on both sides of PCH in the center of town. Smaller shopping zones exist in the eastern end of town on PCH at Las Flores Canyon and in the western end at PCH and Heathercliff (Pt. Dume) as well as PCH and Trancas Canyon.

As a guide to find these stores and services, here are some general resources:

Selected List of Malibu Stores and Services

Here are a few listings of Malibu stores and services as an indication of the range available. This list is not exhaustive, use the above directories and advertisements to find more.

A&B Plumbling and Hardware21249 Pacific Coast Highway310-456-8550 
A-1 Zuma Cleaners & Tailor29575 Pacific Coast Hwy310-457-0053 
Asphalt Jungle29500 Heathercliff Rd. #271310-457-5229Asphalt and concrete paving
Budget Rent-A-Car22853 Pacific Coast Hwy310-456-1815Closed August 2013.
Computer Pros Of Malibu22333 Pacific Coast Hwy310-456-6070 
Cosentino's21201 W Pacific Coast Hwy310-456-67073 locs in Malibu
Country Liquor Store21237 Pacific Coast Hwy310-456-6644 
CVS Pharmacy23805 W Malibu Road310-456-9645 
Diesel -- A Bookstore3890 Cross Creek Rd310-456-9961According to Malibu Times, Diesel owner John Evans said he and partner Alison Reid plan to close sometime in the fall of 2014.
Dume Plaza Pharmacy29211 Heathercliff Rd #25310-457-9707 
Erewhon Natural Foods 30745 Pacific Coast Hwy Supermarket, replacing Hows in 2013-2014
Hertz Rent-A-Car22853 Pacific Coast Hwy Replaced Budget in November 2013.
Hows Market 30745 Pacific Coast Hwy310-457-0305Supermarket, closed 2012
Mailboxes Business & Shipping Center22627 Pacific Coast Hwy310-456-2766 
Mail Boxes Etc23852 Pacific Coast Hwy310-456-2733 
Malibu Beach Wines22967 Pacific Coast Hwy310-456-7444 
Malibu Divers23410 PCH #D7310-456-1234Dive shop
Malibu Feed Bin3931 Topanga Canyon Blvd310-456-2043 
Malibu Glass Company3547 Winter Canyon Road310-456-1844 
Malibu News Stand23717 1/2 Malibu Rd310-456-1519 
Malibu Shirts22518 Pacific Coast Hwy310-456-7088 
Next Day Sheet Metal22200 Pacific Coast Hwy310-456-8001 
Pavilions29211 Heathercliff Rd.310-457-2401Supermarket
Ralphs23841 Malibu Rd.310-456-2917Supermarket
Abby Rose Interior Designer3546 Surfwood Rd.818-900-2891Complete family-friendly home design
Super Care Drugs23357 Pacific Coast Hwy310-456-9059 
Averi Torres6779 Las Olas Way310-457-4406Malibu's Resident Psychic
Rosenthal Malibu Estate Wines Tasting Room26035 Pacific Coast Highway310-456-1234Wine from locally grown grapes
Sherman's Place29575 Pacific Coast Hwy #A310-457-5501Dog Grooming and Supplies
Trancas Canyon Nursery6444 Trancas Canyon Rd at Pacific Coast Hwy310-457-3981 
Trancas Tailors & Cleaners30765 Pacific Coast Hwy310-457-6805 
Vitamin Barn23823 Malibu Rd #600310-317-4833 
Kelly Wallace, Your Clutter Guru, can simplify and organize your home and office as well as purge, pack and unpack for all your upcoming moves. (818) 324-9600.
Zuma Beach Hardware and General Store30765 Pacific Coast Hwy310-457-8776Closed 2012

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